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Romy’s Collection Girls Rapunzel Deluxe Princess Party Dress Costume

Romy’s Collection Girls Rapunzel Deluxe Princess Party Dress Costume

Rapunzel Theme Party for Girls – Romy’s Collection Girls Rapunzel

Deluxe Princess Party Dress Costume

Romy's Collection Girls Rapunzel Deluxe Princess Party Dress Costume

Rapunzel Theme Party for Girls

Rapunzel Theme Invitation Cards:

Invite cards can be in the form of a tower with a small cut-out for the window on the front page.

Decorate the front of the card with two yellow braids made from wool or crochet cotton and dried herbs.

Another idea is to make your card from the paper that can be planted later. It will truly fit the Rapunzel theme so well.

Designs and Welcome Activities:

A tower will be among the highlights of a Rapunzel theme party. You can make one from a big, durable cardboard box – (ask at your regional furniture look for the type that new refrigerators and cookers are crammed in). Using a craft knife, cut out a window on the upper part of the box; paint package (using brown and yellow or grey and black paint) to resemble bricks.

Make 2 braids from thick yellow wool or yellow stockings and attach them to the inside of the “window sill”. Embellish the sides of the cardboard box with great deals of ivy or branches to provide the impression of thorn bushes growing versus the tower walls.

Make a wig with long braids of yellow wool for every single lady that will attend the party and make cardboard crowns for the boys.

Location a little table or chair inside the tower and let the birthday child hide inside on the day of the party.Romy's Collection Girls Rapunzel Deluxe Princess Party Dress Costume

When the party visitors arrive, they need to call “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair”, whereupon the birthday kid will appear in the window, let the connected braids drop and then hand out the wigs and crowns to her party visitors.

The guests will then be led to the party table where they will enjoy some witches’ froth while they are waiting for Rapunzel to appear after the prince has actually saved her.

Table Decorations:

Select green, yellow and lilac colors for the table designs – (green for the forest and herbs in the garden, yellow for Rapunzel’s hair and lilac for the rampion flowers). Decorate the table with herbs or other leaves and twigs. If you have lavender or any other purple/lilac flowers blooming in your garden, add this too.===>More Information

Use stiff cardboard to make towers, paint and embellish as desired, then fill with candy or crisps and position them amongst the leaves and flowers on the table.

Rapunzel Birthday Cake:

The birthday cake can be through a castle or you can make a faux cake by using empty cereal boxes to shape a castle. Cover the whole structure with aluminum foil, spread out a layer of icing all over. Press biscuits and sweet all over to cover the structure until the preferred impact is attained.

Other party treats can consist of dainty sandwiches with colored and seasoned butter; add some stronger food like tacky polony and egg pies for the lads.

Rapunzel Party Games:

If you have a strong wall in your garden, ask your partner or another adult to attach a couple of rope ladders to the top edge or just make a couple of knots in thick rope and attach firmly to tree branches.

Romy's Collection Girls Rapunzel Deluxe Princess Party Dress CostumeThe party visitors can also play conceal and seek and adjust the call of the enchantress and the prince (” Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”) to suit their names. The child that is out, need to then enter into the cardboard box tower and pull down his/her hair – (the braids that were connected to the window sill).

Rapunzel Party Activities:

Keep the party guests busy with some craft activities that can also double up as party prefers.

The story of Rapunzel happened as a result of the rampion herb that her mother yearned for throughout her pregnancy, so crafts that focus round gardening or nature will appropriate for this party.

The kids can make mini gardens or terrariums, leaf prints or seed images that they can take home after the party.

As a last treat, let the kids see the “Barbie as Rapunzel” movie or read them the Rapunzel story written by the Brothers Grimm and published in 1812.

Kids like fairy tale stories and with a little creativity, you can quickly turn your child’s birthday party into his/her own fairy tale.


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