Best bug zapper for mosquitoes

  • A huge area of effectiveness: It has an incredible area of effectiveness, being able to zap mosquitos up to 400 sq ft, suitable for indoor. Turn it on three hours before bedtime will have the best effect.
  • Upgraded UV bulb Lamp: Good quality lure mosquitoes by UV light lamp, and kills them instantly by 1000V high voltage grid. Highly effective to kill mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, and other flying bugs. Perfect to protect your family from annoying mosquito buzz and biting.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: kill mosquitoes via electric shock, No Chemical, Non-toxic, No Smell, No Spray, No Environment Pollution. Totally harmless for the infants, pets, and the pregnant, and eco-friendly.
  • Completely silent noise-free: no loud than 20 dB, won’t disturb your rest and sleep, comfortable for night time use. Suitable for bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, hotel, restaurant, etc.
  • Easy to clean: Easy remove and install trays for collecting flying worms such as mosquitoes, just twist the bottom tray and clean with a soft brush.please freely get back to us if you encounter any issue.======

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Finding The Best bug zapper for mosquitoes

When you live someplace like Cedar Rapids, IA, where the snow stacks high during the winter (at which time you fantasize about any season but winter), you want to make the most of the months when you can extend your home beyond your exterior walls.

If you have issues with mosquitoes, that can prove very difficult. I have found myself outdoors on stunning summertime nights, citronella plume wafting about (not that I like the smell), identified to take in the out-of-doors, but ultimately exclaiming “Oh Forget It!”.

At which point I would gather my personal belongings, any visitors, and treats (or whatever), and head back within. At some point, if you can’t get rid of the pests that are trying to make supper out of you, a great deck party just becomes an endurance of misery, and clearly not worth it.

To avoid squandering money and more summertime fun, I investigated items to help one eliminate their yard mosquitoes. I learned a couple of things I wish to pass along.

I’m sure you understand there are about a bazillion different sort of mosquitoes out there, and that they have the ability to spread illness such as West Nile Infection, EEE, Malaria, also laying on some beautiful nasty bites and usually irritating the doodie out of us.

But for those people in the United States, it kind of breaks down to there being the generic mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito. (I’ll tell you more about that distinction in just a bit).

Mosquitoes are attracted to us human beings because of the release of carbon dioxide from our breath, the lactic acid in our sweat, and the heat we put off. They are not attracted to bug lights, white or black, so bug zappers alone will only put a hit on those mosquitoes that, by misfortune, have taken that path.

But when using the lure Octenol (a chemical included in human breath and sweat that attracts biting bugs such as most mosquito types) in a mix with your bulb light zapper, you can target, conquer and recover your realty.

Why should you care what type of mosquito is badgering you? The Asian tiger mosquito is best brought in to a lure called Lurex, which is a specially created attractant made from natural compounds that replicate human sweat. Lurex was developed specifically to target Asian tiger mosquitoes. In studies conducted, Lurex out-performed Octenol in the elimination of almost 3 times the amount of Asian tiger mosquitoes.

In my research study of mosquitoes and the quest to get the best-for-the-money bulb light zapper, I found that the majority of the bug zappers just come with the Octenol lure. I did see one bug zapper for mosquitoeszapper (out of the two most popular brand names that I investigated) that featured a lure called 2 in 1 Powerbait from Stinger. This has both Octenol and Lactic Acid. 2 in 1 would normally sound great to me (a double-whammy), but I couldn’t find proof that it works. If it were, I would expect to see it more heavily marketed.

I compared numerous designs of the two most popular brand names of bug zappers, Stinger, and Flowtron. I took a look at protection, wattage, bulb type, persistent expenses (bulbs and lure), any unique functions, warranty, initial expense.

Based upon the above variables, and also weighted greatly by numerous customer evaluations, I feel that Flowtron provides the most trustworthy and longest long-lasting bulb light zapper of the two.=======>

Of the Flowtron designs, I favor the BK-80D, as much for the power to best disintegrate the bugs upon contact with the power grid, as the 1.5 acres that it covers. There are plenty of reviews that suggest obstructing can be an issue with brands, but there were some convincing comments recommending the greater wattage designs experienced less of a problem with this.

Both brands recommend fresh octanol lure each month, and replacement of the UV bulb each year. Both brands have brief cables and will, in a lot of circumstances, need a proper extension cable. Stinger does have a design that is rechargeable and runs for 3.5 hrs off of a 3-hour recharge.

If your area is plagued by the Asian tiger mosquito, (mostly the southern states in the U.S.) you may wish to look into traps that offer lurex lures, like Mosquito Magnet and Skeeter Vac. These are substantially more expensive than a bulb light zapper but might make the difference of whether you can enjoy your home from the outside along with the inside.

I attempted to find a lurex lure used in the exact same sort of packaging as the octanol, thinking it might be worth trying with a bug zapper. I failed on that mission – just discovering cartridges particular to their mosquito traps. (Do remember … there is the 2 in 1 Powerbait pointed out above).

I hope my review might save you some time that could be better spent outside!

Enjoy your summer season and thanks for reading.====>